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PUNJAB PCS PRELIMINARY EXAM MOCK TEST 2018 - Kushmanda EducationKushmanda Education





EXAM DATE 22-7-2018

1. Which among the following is a Political right?

a)Right to hold public office b)right to freedom

c)right against exploitation d)right to work

2. Negative liberty implies that,

a)freedom should be unlimited b)freedom should be restricted

c)freedom from wants d)freedom to rule

3. Which law is made by the legislature?

a)International law b)Statutory law c)common law d)natural law

4. Who defined “Liberty is the opposite of over government”?

a)Seeley b)J.S.Mill c)Gramsci d)Marx

5. Who authored Modern State?

a)Gettell b)Gilchrist c)Bluntschli d)Mac Iver

6. Which law is used to face an emergency situation when the Parliament is not In session?

a)statute law b)common law c)ordinance d)Administrative law

7. Rousseau authored ,

a)Social Contract b)Republic c)The Prince d)Politics

8. Which day is observed as International Human Rights Day?

a)December 1 b)December 10 c)June 5 d)April 2

9. Untouchability has been abolished in India in order to ensure,

a)legal equality b)economic equality c)socialequality d)political equality

10. In which year did Switzerland gave franchise to women?

a)1979 b)1971 c)1975 d)1999

11. Who defined law as the command of the sovereign?

a)Austin b)Mill c)Marx d)Rousseau

12.In May 2018, by-elections were held for which assembly constituency of Punjab?

A) Amritsar

B) Sham Chaurasi

C) Nakodar

D) Shahkot

13.In May 2018, a new domestic airport started at which place of Punjab?

A) Sansarpur

B) Adampur

C) Sahnewal

D) Pathankot

14.According to NIRF-2018 rankings, how many institutes of Punjab were among top 100?

A) 5

B) 8

C) 1

D) 3

15.In the year 2017, who won the Sahitya Akademi Award for Punjabi language?

A) Nachhattar

B) Darshan Buttar

C) Dr. Jaswinder Singh

D) Swaraj Bir

16.Who is the Irrigation and Power Minister of Punjab as of 2017?

Rana Gurjeet Singh

Aruna Chaudhary

Brahm Mohindra

Sadhu Singh Dharamsot

17. The “Young Italy” of …………………..lit the flames of patriotism throughout Italy and helped the cause of Italian unification.

a) Joseph Mazzini b) Charles Albert c) Garibaldi d) Louie Philip

18…………….., the prime minister of Germany who unified Germany with his policy of “Blood and Iron.”

a) Otto Von Bismarck b) Von Moltke

c) Victor Emmanuel II d) Queen Isabella

19.The Meiji Restoration was basically a revolution that restored imperial rule to Japan in…………..

a) 1837 b) 1848 c) 1867 d) 1900

20. The U.S.A. declared war against Germany on April 6,…………..

a) 1907 b) 1917 c) 1927 d) 1937

21. The Fourteen Points was announced by President Woodrow Wilson of……………….

a) U.S.A. b) France c) England d) Italy

22. Clemenceau was the Prime Minister of ………………

a) France b) Austria c) Hungary d) Yugoslavia

23. The Treaty of St. Germaine was imposed on ……………..on September 10, 1919.

a) China b) Hungary c) Austria d) Russia

24. The Allied powers imposed the Treaty of Sevres upon …………..on August 10, 1920.

a) Turkey b) China c) Hungary d) Yugoslavia

25. In………….., Lenin introduced the New Economic Policy.

a) 1911 b) 1921 c) 1926 d) 1928

26.In ……………… Mussolini formed a political party which he names as Fascisti.

a) 1906 b) 1909 c) 1919 d) 1927

27. World War II began with Hitler’s attack on Poland on September 1,………………

a) 1909 b)1919 c)1939 d)1946

28. The Truman Doctrine was announced by President Truman in the American Congress on March 12,…………..

a) 1947 b) 1949 c) 1957 d) 1958

29. The Warsaw Pact officially disbanded in March and July of …………. following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

a) 1931 b) 1941 c) 1991 d) 1992

Q.30 In the Arabari forest range of Midnapore district involvement of

villages helped recover tress of

a) Teak

b) Eucalyptus

c) Sal

d) Pine

Q.31. Which of the following community in Rajasthan has a religious tenet of

conservation of forest and wildlife

a) Agrawal

b) Jaishwal

c) Bishnoi

d) Jain

Q.32. The main reason of abundant Coliform bacteria in the river Ganga is

a) Disposal of human excreta directly

b) Discharge of effluents from electroplating industries

c) Washing of clothing

d) Immersion of ashes

Q.33. The three “R” s that will help us to conserve natural resources for long

term use are

a) Recycle, regenerate , reuse

b) Reduce , regenerate, reuse

c) Reduce, reuse, redistribute

d) Reduce, Recycle, Resuse

Q.34. In our country vast tracts of forest are cleared and a single species of

plant is cultivated. This practice promotes

a) Biodiversity in the area

b) Monoculture in the area

c) Growth of natural forest

d) Preserves the natural ecosystem in the area

35) Where was the main centre of Wahable

Movement in India?

a) Patna

b) Patiala

c) Lahore

d) Multan

36) Which Movement was known as

Namdhari Mission

a) Satwandi

b) Santhal

c) Kuka

d) Sanyasin

37) The kuka Movement played a prominent

role in arousing the feeling of

Patriotism in

a) Punjab

b) Sind

c) Baloch

d) Awadh

38) Who was the Chief Inspirator of Kuka


a) Lal Singh

b) Ram Singh

c) Sant Singh

d) Balak Singh

39) Who was the Gure of Bhai Ram Singh?

a) Kartar Singh

b) Shyam Singh

c) Param Singh

d) Balak Singh

40) Who stressed on the need for the recitation

of Chandi Path, Gurwani,

Naam Jap and Ass Di Var.

a) Dhyan Singh

b) Balak Singh

c) Ram Singh

d) Avtar Singh

41) Which Animal was Worshipped in the

Kuka Movement

a) Cow

b) Sheep

c) Horse

d) Ox

42) The leader of the Kuka Movement who

was perhaps the first person to

adopt the policy of Non Co-operative against

the British was

a) Dina Singh

b) Arjun Singh

c) Ram Singh

d) Harkrishan Singh

43) Which Kuka Leader appointed Subaidars

and Naib Subaidars

a) Ram Singh

b) Shyam Behare

c) Arjun Singh

d) Harcharan Singh

44) Who was the Lieutenant Governor of

Punjab in 1863?

a) Outram

b) Collin Campbill

c) Wheerlar

d) Mc Leod

45) The Native village of Ram Singh was

a) Bhaini

b) Dhoyi

c) Nanakana

d) Gurdaspur

46. When did Lala Hardayal return to India

a) 1906

b) 1909

c) 1911

d) 1913

47.Which Ship was prevented from entry into

India in 1914

a) Mata Hari

b) Voyegar

c) Kamagata Maru

d) Queen Victoria

48. Who informed the Government about the

Gadhar Party’s plan of revolt in


a) Harpal Singh

b) Devraj Singh

c) Harbachan Singh

d) Satpal Singh

49. Which of the revolutionaries started the

scheme of Scholarship for Indian

students in England?

a) V D Savarkar

b) S K Verma

c) Lala Hardayal

d) Lala Lajpat Rai

50.What is India‘s rank in World Press

Freedom Index that was released on

the occasion of World Press Freedom

Day on 3 May 2017? –

a. 136

b. 135

c. 134

d. 133

51.Which city emerged as the cleanest

city in India, as was disclosed in the

Swachh Survekshan 2017 that was

released on 4 May 2017? –

a. Indore(Madhya Pradesh)

b. Chandigarh

c. Delhi

d. Bhopal

52.What is the name of the doctrine to

counter the Naxalite problem that was

announced by Union Home Minister

Rajnath Singh in the Left Wing

Extremism (LWE) situation review

meeting held on 8 May 2017? –





53.Union Finance Ministry declared a

new series of index of industrial

production (IIP) and the wholesale

price index (WPI) on 12 May 2017.

The series has been revised after eight

years. What is the base year for the

indices in the new series? –

a. 2011-12

b. 2004-05

c. 2007-08

d. 2009-10

54.Which country during May 2017

declared an end to its public health

emergency for the Zika virus? –

a. Brazil

b. Yemen

c. Kuwait

d. Libiya

55.Who was elected as the new

Director-General of the World Health

Organisation (WHO) on 23 May 2017

and thus became the first-ever WHO

Director-General from Africa? –

a. Dr.Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

b. Willam toder

c. David Sampras

d. None

56.What is the name of the deadly

cyclone that made heavy landfall in

Bangladesh on 30 May 2017 resulting

in the death of at-least 6 persons and

evacuation of hundreds of thousands

of persons? –

a. Cyclone Mora

b. Cyclone Sora

c. Cyclone Aora

d. Cyclone Zora

57.India‘s first-ever bus running on

cow-dung biogas was launched in

which city on 31 March 2017? –

a. Kolkata

b. Delhi

c. Bombay

d. Chennai

58.During March 2017 a unique

initiative to unearth budding footballers

was launched in Kerala jointly by the

FIFA and the All India Football

Federation (AIFF). What is the name

given to this initiative? –

a. Mission 11 Million

b. Mission 10 Million

c. Mission 9 Million

d. Mission 8 Million

59.What is the name of the scheme for

providing physical aids and assistedliving

devices for senior

citizens belonging to

BPL category that Was launched

In Andhra


Nellore district on1 April


a. Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana

b. Vayoshree yojna

c. Ayushree yojna

d. None of the above

60.Around 250 people were killed in a

huge mudslide in which Latin

American country on 1 April 2017? –

a. Colombia

b. Brazil

c. Venezuela

d. Peru

61.Kishori Amonkar, who passed away

on 3 April 2017, was an iconic

personality associated with which

field? –

a. Hindustani classical music

b. Tennis player

c. Cricket player

d. Painter

62.Which film was declared the Best

Film at 64

National Film Awards that

were announced on 7 April 2017? –

a. Kaasav (Marathi)

b. Rustom

c. Sultan

d. Toilet

63.The first rail freight service from the

UK to China departed from Essex on

10 April 2017. This train, which will

cover 7,500 miles long journey and

pass through seven countries, is part

of which ambitious initiative of China?

a. One Belt, One Road (OBOR)

b. One Belt, Two Road

c. One Belt, Three Road

d. One Belt, Four Road

64.What is the name of the app and

web portal launched by the Union

Government on 9 April 2017 that

facilitates people to contribute towards

family of martyrs from central

paramilitary forces? –

a. BharatKeVeer

b. BharatKeSipahi

c. BharatKeLal

d. BharatKeBahadur

65.100TH Anniversary of which important

event associated with India‘s Freedom

Movement was observed during April

2017? –

a. Moplah movement

b. Swadeshi movement

c. Homerule movement

d. Champaran Movement

66.What is the name of India‘s firstever

industrial-articulated robot that

was launched on 11 April 2017 by TAL

Manufacturing Solutions? – “





67.What is the official name of one of

the most powerful bomb that was

dropped on Afghanistan by the United

States on 13 April 2017? –

a. GBU42

b. GBU41

c. GBU40

d. GBU-43

68.What is the

name of the visa

programme used

by over 95,000

temporary foreign workers (majority of

them Indians), that was abolished by

the Australian Government on 18 April

2017? –

a. Visa 444

b. Visa 447

c. Visa467

d. Visa 457

69.What is India‘s place in the

4 edition of Huawei Global

Connectivity Index (GCI) that was

released on 18 April 2017? –

a. 41

b. 40

c. 42

d. 43

70.Which electronic sports will be

featured as a full sport at the 2022

Asian Games, as was announced by

the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) on

19 April 2017? –

a. Video Gaming

b. Gilli danda

c. Khokho

d. None

71.Which three African countries have

been chosen to test the world‘s first

malaria vaccine, as announced by the

WHO on 24 April 2017? –

a. Ghana,

b. Kenya

c. Malawi

d. All of the above

72.Who will be

conferred with

the Dada Saheb

Phalke Award for

2016, as was

announced by the Information &

Broadcasting Ministry on 24 April

2017? –

a. K. Vishwanath

b. Shahsi kapoor

c. Amitabh bachchan

d. Rishi kapoor

73.During April 2017 a ban on religious

names for Muslim babies was imposed

in which region of China? –

a. Xinjiang

b. Kinjiang

c. Pingpiang

d. None

74.Which Member of Parliament (MP)

during February 2017 moved a private

bill in the Parliament that seeks to

empower voters to recall MPs and

MLAs? –

a. Varun Gandhi

b. Menka Gandhi

c. Rahul Gandhi

d. None

75.What was the national sex ratio (at

birth) during 2015-16 as was disclosed

in the National Family Health Survey 4

(NFHS-4) for

2015-16 that was unveiled by the



Ministry ?

a. 920

b. 921

c. 922

d. 919


76. Match the  following:

City               Industry

A. Tirupur               1. Railway Engines

B. Udaipur               2. Textiles

C. Rishikesh               3. Cement

D. Varanasi               4. Pharmaceuticals

A              B              C              D

(a)     2               1               4               3

(b)     4               3               2               1

(c)      2               3               4               1

(d)      4               1               2               3

77. Which one  of the  following pairs is not corre ctly matche d?

Important Location (Industry / Mining)               State

(a)     Himgir                                                                       : Uttar Pradesh

(b)     Koraput                                                         : Orissa

(c)      Palana                                                                       : Rajasthan

(d)      Nellore                                                                       : Andhra Pradesh

78. Which one  of the  following se que nce s of the  oil re fine rie s of India as the y occur from

south to north is corre ct?

(a)     Kochi – Mangalore – Mumbai – Koyali

(b)     Koyali – Mumbai – Mangalore – Kochi

(c)      Kochi – Mumbai – Mangalore – Koyali

(d)      Mangalore – Kochi – Mumbai – Koyali

79. Match the  following:

Date                              Conditions in Northe rn He misphe re

A. March 21

1. Winter Solstice

B. June 21

2. Autumnal Equinox

C. September 21

3. Summer Solstice

D. December 22st

4. Vernal Equinox

A              B              C              D


(a)     1               2               3               4

(b)     1               3               4               2

(c)      2               3               1               4

(d)      4               3               2               1


78. What is the  corre ct se que nce  of the  following laye rs of the  Earth as one  move s from the  surface  to the  inte rior:

1. Mantle

2. Crust

3. Core

Select the correct answer by using the codes given below:

(a)     1, 2, 3

(b)     1, 3, 2

(c)      2, 1, 3

(d)      3, 1, 2

79. The  Tropic of Cance r passe s through:

(a)     India and Iran

(b)     Iran and Pakistan

(c)      India and Saudi Arabia

(d)      Iran and Iraq

80. If a place  is locate d at 20°N, 80°E in which of the  following contine nts doe s it lie ?

(a)     Africa

(b)     Asia

(c)      Europe

(d)      North America

81. Which of the  following state me nts is corre ct ?

1. All meridians are of the same length

2. All latitudes are of the same length

3. The Prime Meridian is the longest meridian

4. The Equator is the longest latitude

(a)     1 and 2

(b)     2 and 3

(c)      3 and 4

(d)      1 and 4


82. Match the  following:

Countrie s          World time  (hours fast (+) or slow (-) on GMT)

A. Afghanistan               1. – 5

B. Bangladesh               2.

C. Bhutan                             3. + 6

D. Columbia                             4.

A              B              C              D

(a)     1               3               2               4

(b)     3               2              4              1

(c)      4               2               1               3

(d)      4               3               2               1

83. The  time  of Cairo is 2 hours ahe ad of Gre e nwich time  Cairo is situate d at :

(a)     27° East

(b)     28° West

(c)      30° East

(d)      30° West

84. Whe n it is 8 P.M. in Tokyo, what is the  time  at Panama Canal which is locate d at 180°W of it?

(a)     4.00 P.M.

(b)     8.00 A.M.

(c)      12.00 A.M.

(d)      12.00 Noon

85. Match the  following:

Discontinuity                                           Laye r of Earth’s inte rior associate d with discontinuity

A. Weichert – Gutenberg discontinuity               1. Outer core and inner core

B. Mohorovicic (Moho) discontinuity               2. Lower mantle and outer core

C Lehman discontinuity                             3. Upper mantle and lower mantle

D. Conrad discontinuity                             4. Lower crust and upper mantle

5. Division of Sial and Sima within the crust

A              B              C              D

(a)     5              1              3              2

(b)     2              1              3              5

(c)      2              4              1              5

(d)      5              4              1              2

86. Match the  following:

Ge ne tic Phase                                                                     Re sultant Tide

A. The Sun and the Moon are at right angles with the Earth               1. Spring tide

B. The Sun, the Moon and the Earth are in a straight line               2. Neap tide

C. The Moon is nearest from the Earth                                           3. Apogean Tide

D. The Moon is farthest from the Earth                                           4. Perigean tide

A              B              C              D

(a)     2               1               4               3

(b)     2               4               1               3

(c)      3               4               1               2

(d)      3               1               4               2




87. ‘Gre e n House  Effe ct’ me ans:

(a)     pollution in houses in tropical regions

(b)     trapping of solar energy due to atmospheric oxygen

(c)      trapping of solar energy due to atmospheric carbon dioxide

(d)      cultivation in green houses so as to check pollution

88. The  Inte rnational Date  Line  passe s through:

(a)     Bering strait

(b)     Gibraltar strait

(c)      Florida strait

(d)      Malacca strait

89. Which one  of the  following is the  cloud that is dark-gre y or black, found at ve ry low

he ight and brings the  re al rain?

(a)     Altocumulus

(b)     Cirrus

(c)      Cirrostratus

(d)      Nimbostratus

90. Who said that the exploitative nature of British rule was

‘Bleeding India White’?

(a) Tilak

(b) Dadabhai Naoroji

(c) Hume

(d) Annie Besant

91. “India for the Indiana” was the political message of

(a) D E Wacha

(b) Vivekanand

(c) Dayanand

(d) Hume

92. Which of the following was the ‘Newspaper’ of Annie


(a) The Hindu

(b) Indian Express

(c) The Times of India

(d) New India

93. Aligarh Muslim University was founded by

(a) Jinnah

(b) Syed Ahmed Khan

(c) Abul Kalam Azad

(d) Bhutto

94. Match the following:

List-I List-II

A. Swaraj is my birth right 1. Moderates

B. It is not reforms but re-form 2. Lajpat


C. A subject people has no soul 3. BC Pal

D. Policy of petitions, prayers and protests 4. Tilak

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:



(a) 1 2 3 4

(b) 4 3 2 1

(c) 3 4 2 1

(d) 2 1 3 4

95. Who said that the constant ‘drain of wealth’ from India was

responsible for Indla’s economic miseries?

(a) BC Pal

(b) BP Wadia

(c) Dadabhai Naoroji

(d) GS Arundale

96. As per the Act of 1919 which of the following statements was

not correct?

(a) British India must remain an integral part of the British


(b) Responsible Government would be realised only by the

progressive stages.

(c) Provincial subjects were classified into Reserved subjects

and Transferred subjects.

(d) The salary of the Secretary of State for India was not to be

paid by Parliament.

97. As per the Act of 1919 which of the following was not a

Transferred subject?

(a) Education

(b) Museum

(c) Medical Relief

(d) Land Revenue

98. The Dyarchy which was introduced on 1921 In province a

was in force till the year

(a) 1927

(b) 1935

(c) 1937

(d) 1947

99. The Home Rule League was formed during the

(a) First World War

(b) Partition of Bengal

(c) Struggle following the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

(d) Implementation of Minto-Morley Reforms

100. The Secretary of State for India was given powers by

(a) The Act of 1909

(b) The Act of 1919

(c) The Act of 1858

(d) The Act of 1861

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