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Published On: Mon, Sep 4th, 2017

HCS Main Exam Questions Free Download

HCS Main Exam Questions Free Download


  • Critically discuss  the difference  between  Comptroller and auditor general and  a chartered accountant? (THE Tribune,  22/7/2017,)
  • What does critically endangered mean? Why are Batagur baska,critically endangered? (THE Tribune,  22/7/2017,)
  • Is right to privacy a fundamental right in India ? Is it  similar for adults and children? (THE Tribune,  22/7/2017,)
  • What are the main provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 (POCSO Act)? Critically analyse the recent Supreme Court  judgment  on  “mentally-retarded” adult . (THE Tribune,  22/7/2017,)
  • What is the abortion law in India? How different are abortion laws in India compared to other developed countries?   (THE Tribune,  22/7/2017,)
  • Has  India been made irrelevant to any organisation in the world?  Critically discuss. (THE Tribune,  22/7/2017,)
  • Critically examine the successes & failures of the Election Commission of India? (THE Tribune,  23/7/2017,)
  • What are the current rape laws in India? How can one prevent rapes in a democracy by laws? (THE Tribune,  23/7/2017,)
  • Critically discuss the socio-cultural factors of child marriage in India? (THE Tribune,  22/7/2017,)
  • “National Emergency of 1975 seen as one of the most controversial times in the History of India” . critically discuss.(THE Tribune,  23/7/2017,)





HCS Main Exam Questions Free Download
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