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HCS MAIN EXAM 2018 General Studies Test Series - Kushmanda EducationKushmanda Education
Published On: Mon, Oct 1st, 2018

HCS MAIN EXAM 2018 General Studies Test Series

HCS MAIN EXAM 2018 General Studies Test Series

Why aspirants  do not score well in their Mains Examination?

  • What    can be the Probable Reason ?

What does an Examiner look in your Answer/Methodology for evaluation of Answer sheet ?

1.Content of the answer:

(a)Proper visibility of idea through facts, data, diagram, figure, illustration according to the requirement of the question:

(b) Originality of thought and expression


(a)Choice of words and proper statement:


(c) Grammatical correctness of expression:

3.Focus on Key words & Tail words effectively :

Elucidate – Explain, Comment, Examine, Critically examine, Discuss, Analyze, Illustrate, Review, Argue,

Justify etc:

4:Structure :

(a)Introduction :

(b)Ability to compose a well-argued piece of writing:

(c)Ability to express coherently and sequentially:


5. Your Analytical Ability



General Studies Test Schedule(HCS MAIN EXAM 2018)

Test on Every Sunday(Personalised Scheduling)

TEST1.Haryana State Questions (History,economy,polity,geography, society,culture,state

current issues etc)

TEST2.Statistical Analysis

(Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Variability & Correlation methods Graphical

Representation :- Bar Diagram, Frequency Polygon, Ogive etc.)

TEST3.Art & Culture from Ancient & Medieval history perspective, Modern History

TEST4.Indian Geography (Physical & Social Geography, Ecology &

Biodiversity,Environmental Issues Ecological imbalance & Sustainable development)

TEST5. Indian Polity & Governance(Conventional, political & constitutional structure. Applied

polity for democratic governance) Social Issues (Evaluation of different welfare policies &

schemes, Social Change, depersonalization of human values)

TEST6.Indian Economy

(Current issues of Indian Economy like Union Budget2018, Economic Survey of India-2018, Economic Institutions (I.M.F., WTO, with recent events etc)

TEST 7 Science & Technology (Recent Development in the field of Space Technology,

Biotechnology & Nano Technology,Robotics, etc.)

TEST8.India and the World Affairs (International Relations, Current issues related to foreign

affairs, Security Issues -External, Internal and Nuclear Security),Regional Institutions ( SAARC,


TEST9. Full Test

TEST10. Full Test

TEST11. Full Test

TEST12. Full Test

TEST13. Full Test

TEST14. Full Test

TEST15. Full Test

Fees: Rs. 12000/-

you will get:

  • 15 Consolidated Question Paper booklets (Most Probable Questions)
  • Evaluated Answer Booklet by experts with proper feedback, comments & guidance,performance analysis (Why aspirants  do not score well in their Mains Examination?) It will help the aspirants to understand the demand of Main exam effectively.
  • Answer format ( Synopsis ) of Mock Test papers Nature of Questions: Based on HPSC Pattern
  • Copy correction strictly by faculty only (Expert Support:through email

“Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level. You should not waste this opportunity for just a sake of only appearing the examination. Give this attempt with the full fire. So join us immediately.”


Kushmanda material is for the individual only.

 The student needs to provide JKPSC roll no. and other details .

 We have no facility of fee payment in cash.

 Fee once paid in non-refundable and non-transferable in all circumstances.

 Kushmanda reserves all rights related to admission.

 Kishmanda reserves all rights to make any changes in test series schedule/test writing days and timing etc., if need so arises.

  • Nature of Questions: Based on JKPSC Pattern
  • Synopsis will be provided for all tests (pdf).
  • For any test, synopsis will be sent in pdf format after 1-2-3 days
  • Flexible timings (Starts 9th oct 2018,PERSONALISED SCHEDULING)




HCS MAIN EXAM 2018 General Studies Test Series
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