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HCS History Test Series Online as well as Offline - Kushmanda EducationKushmanda Education
Published On: Tue, Sep 28th, 2021

HCS History Test Series Online as well as Offline

HCS History Test Series Online as well as Offline





1. 6-10-2021 WORLD HISTORYEnlightenment and Modern ideas, Origins of Modern Politics, Industrialization,Nation-State System, Imperialism and Colonialism, Revolution and CounterRevolution, World Wars, The World after World War II, Liberation from Colonial

Rule, Decolonization and Underdevelopment, Unification of Europe, Disintegration of

Soviet Union and the Rise of the Unipolar World.

- 200
2. 14-10-2021 ANCIENT INDIAN HISTORYSources, Pre-history and Proto-history, Indus Valley Civilization, Megalithic Cultures, Aryansand Vedic Period, Period of Mahajanapadas, Mauryan Empire, Post – Mauryan Period, Early

State and Society in Eastern India, Deccan and South India,Guptas, Vakatakas and Vardhanas,

Regional States during Gupta Era, Themes in Early Indian Cultural History, Early Medieval

India, 750-1200, Cultural Traditions in India, 750-1200.

Map-work, art and architecture, cultural history of India.


- 200
3. 21-10-2021 MEDIEVAL INDIAN HISTORYThe Thirteenth Century, The Fourteenth Century, Society, Culture and Economy in theThirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries, The Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Century, The

Fifteenth and early Sixteenth Century – Society and Culture, Akbar, Mughal Empire in

the Seventeenth Century, Economy and Society in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth

Centuries, Culture in the Mughal Empire, The Eighteenth Century.

- 200
4. 29-10-2021 MODERN INDIAN HISTORYEuropean Penetration into India, British Expansion in India, Early Structure of theBritish Raj, Economic Impact of British Colonial Rule, Social and Cultural

Developments, Social and Religious Reform movements in Bengal and Other Areas,

Indian Response to British Rule, Factors leading to the birth of Indian Nationalism,

Politics of Association, Rise of Gandhi, Constitutional Developments in the Colonial

India between 1858 and 1935,Other strands in the National Movement, Politics of

Separatism, Consolidation as a Nation, Caste and Ethnicity after 1947, Economic

development and political change.


- 200
5. 5-11-2021 FULL LENGTH TEST - 200
6. 9-11-2021 FULL LENGTH TEST - 200
7. 13-11-2021 FULL LENGTH TEST - 200
8. 17-11-2021 FULL LENGTH TEST - 200
9. 21-11-2021 FULL LENGTH TEST - 200
10. 24-11-2021 FULL LENGTH TEST - 200
11. 27-11-2021 FULL LENGTH TEST - 200
12. 30-112021 FULL LENGTH TEST - 200
13. 5-12-2021 FULL LENGTH TEST - 200
14. 10-12-2021 FULL LENGTH TEST - 200
15. 15-12-2021 FULL LENGTH TEST - 200


Programme Highlights

•          Total 15 Tests including

•          4 Sectional Tests

•          11 Mock Tests

•          Detailed Discussion after each Sectional Test.

•          Discussion will be focused on conceptual clarity & Answer Writing.

•          Answer Hints including Model Approach.

•          Answer sheets will be evaluated by the experts only.

•          One on One discussion with faculty after copy evaluation.

•          Note: Test discussion will be conducted only for Sectional Tests.


What is the programme all about?

Mains Test Series provide platform for checking one’s preparation level as well as the status of time and speed management.

It gives aspirants an idea about writing an articulated answer in sync with the conceptual requirement of the question asked.

Programme consists of:

(a) Sectional Test : 4

 (b) Mock Tests: 11

The numbers of tests are high as it will help the aspirant in covering whole syllabus in depth along with inter-disciplinary approach.

How is it different from other Test Series?

The trend and pattern of questions asked in HPSC changes each year. Predictability of pattern become difficult thus one should prepare holistically for the examination. This programme has been designed to cater that. Regular Test Series is mere inclined for answer writing only, however, this test series cover both concepts + answer writing practice.

It will cover tests under different heads:

Sectional Tests:  This paper will be conducted Subject Wise. Each test designed to check the conceptual clarity and indepth understanding  of the aspirant.

Mock Tests: Mock tests will be conducted on the line of HPSC pattern

Who can join?

It is beneficial for both the fresher’s and experienced as it will provide broader scope for answer writing practice with respect to both Core Conceptual as well as inter-disciplinary approach of the syllabus.

How discussion classes will be conducted?

It is a major USP of this program as in longer discussion; there will be coverage of concerned syllabus area along with each question. Instead of merely discussing the answer, which is already present in the detailed hints provided, we focus on conceptual clarity and broader discussion on the issue, sometime also covering alternate questions on same topic.

Why One on One Discussion after copy evaluation?

General perception of joining any test series by aspirants is evaluation & assessment of their preparation. But after assessment, improvement in marks is also important. We conduct one on one interaction with concern faculty after copy evaluation of every test.

While interacting with faculty aspirants get an idea How to improve marks in a particular question. As the whole game and grammer of HPSC is in and around improvement of half marks & one marks.

What is the importance of Model answers/synopsis?

Model answers/synopsis provide the information for a particular question, , the overall facts and concepts related to that topic asked in question is provided in detail. It shall be of immense help for the students in the revision of preparation before the exam.

HCS History Test Series Online as well as Offline
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