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HPSC Interview Guidance Programme (IGP) - Kushmanda EducationKushmanda Education
Published On: Sun, Dec 17th, 2023

HPSC Interview Guidance Programme (IGP)

HPSC Interview Guidance Programme (IGP)

The HPSC Interview, as the final stage of HPSC , has the potential to either make or break your HPSC dream. So, a thorough preparation for this final lap is crucial. Mock Interviews are the key to perfecting your skills and transforming yourself from puzzled to polished for the big day.

Variety of Mocks

As the composition of your actual HPSC Interview Board remains unknown to you, it’s always advisable that you appear for mock interviews before a variety of interview boards. It helps you get an exposure to different types of questioning patterns and hence develop an adaptability. IGP takes care of this requirement by organising two types of Mock Interviews:

  • Faculty Mocks: Conducted by the Kushmanda experts, they are aimed to give detailed feedback on every single aspect of the interview. Along with, they also provide on-the-spot resolution of even the minutest doubts of the candidates.
  • HPSC Simulator Mocks: Conducted by former bureaucrats and subject experts, they are aimed to give you an experience of the actual HPSC Interview-like ambience. This ensures that you remain unfazed by the pressure on the big day.

Experience of the Interview Panellists

The foremost criteria to categorise any HPSC Mock Interview Programme as the best one is the experience of the panel members who conduct the mock interviews. HPSC Mock Interviews fares the best in this term because of composition of its interview panel.

Dedicated Sessions on DAF

Since the DAF is something which is filled in by the candidate oneself, one is expected to furnish a well-balanced response to questions arising based on the information therein. Thus, comprehensively preparing one’s DAF is mandatory to ace the HPSC Interview. Various features of  IGP address this requirement in the best possible manner:

  • DAF Filling Sessions: The candidates are guided by the  experts in order to help them fill in the right information.
  • Customised DAF Question Generator: The information furnished in the DAF, and hence expected DAF-based questions, are different for each candidate. As part of its Mock Interview Programme, Kushmanda provides Customised DAF Question Generator to provide each candidate a curated list of student-specific questions. The questions so curated are as per the questioning patterns of last 5 years’ HPSC interviews.
  • One-to-One DAF Sessions: As the final step towards comprehensively preparing one’s DAF, the interview experts conduct one-to-one DAF sessions with each candidate. These sessions are aimed to help candidates prepare a well-balanced response to their DAF-based specific questions.

Dedicated Personalised Support

As described by the HPSC, the HPSC Interview is the test of one’s personality. Needless to say, everyone’s personality being different, one needs dedicated personalised support to ace the HPSC Interview. Mock Interview Programme addresses this requirement with its following features:

  • One-to-One Session with Experts: When it comes to HPSC Interview preparation, nothing can beat a one-to-one session with a person who has been a part of the actual HPSC Interview Panels. In a personalised one-to-one session, we guide the candidates on how to answer interview questions so as to make a lasting impression on the HPSC Interview Board.
  • Personal Interview Coach: Though desirable for every stage of the HPSC , the need for a Personal Coach is felt the most for HPSC Interview preparation. Continuous support and guidance provided by the Personal Interview Coaches at Kushmanda ensure that specific preparation needs of each candidate are properly addressed.

Good Logistics Facility

It is of vital importance that a HPSC Mock Interview Programme provides the necessary logistics facility so as to enhance the realism. Following logistics feature of the IGP Mock Interviews make significant contribution in making them the best Mock Interviews for HPSC Interview preparation:

  • Formal Interview Room:  IGP Mock Interviews are conducted in a formal interview room. The room is equipped with all the modern devices and its ambience is so maintained that you get a feel of being present in the actual HPSC Interview room.
  • Video Recording Facility: The Mock Interview of each candidate is recorded with state-of-the-art video recording equipment. These videos are then provided to the respective candidates so that they can themselves see their mock interviews and make necessary improvements.

Additional Resources

Though Mock Interviews make a significant portion, a comprehensive preparation for HPSC Interview requires many other resources. Thus, apart from providing the best Mock Interviews, Interview Guidance Programme (IGP) provides many other resources and features, such as:

  • Dedicated Sessions: Dedicated Sessions conducted as part of this programme aim to comprehensively cover areas which are typically relevant for the interview, such as – Current Affairs, Home States, Optional Subjects etc.
  • Interview Oriented Study Materials: Candidates are provided specially curated interview guide books as well as other reference study materials on areas such as – Home State, Hobbies, Graduation Subject etc.

Track Record of Success 

Its proven track record of producing results in the earlier years stands testimony to the fact that the IGP Mock Interviews fares among the best in the category. Various elements of the Interview Guidance Programme (IGP) and Mock Interviews conducted under this programme possess every element that needs to be categorised as the best Mock Interview Programme for HPSC.

All the best for your HPSC Interview!

HPSC Interview Guidance Programme (IGP)
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