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Interview Booklet for All HPPSC Exam 2017 free download - Kushmanda EducationKushmanda Education
Published On: Fri, Jan 27th, 2017

Interview Booklet for All HPPSC Exam 2017 free download

Interview Booklet for All HPPSC Exam 2017 free download

ALL HPPSC EXAM 2017   (Interview)

Self Evaluation : Evaluate yourself through Kushmanda’s Free 200 mock interview questions & their answer . (specially designed & prepared only for you)

Through our the interview Question Answers  you should do a thorough self evaluation and identify any areas that need improvement.  Every interview Question is an opportunity to hone your interview skills.

 Interview Questions: Basic Questions that you should be prepared to answer-

Preparation for the Interview is a continuous process. In an interview, the interviewer is trying to ascertain if you are fit for the job.  You need to show that you are skilled for the job. There are several basic question that you are likely to be asked in interview.  You should prepare for these questions and have convincing answers already worked out.

Interview is a part of final round of selections into the prestigious Civil Services. It is heartening that most of the questions asked in the interview are on the expected lines. Candidates can prepare for them well in advance to secure a decent result. Aspirants fail to understand the significance of common questions. Here are the 3 most commonly asked questions in HPPSC interviews.

a)     Tell  us about yourself?

This is the first question you may be asked. This question will help the interviewers about yourself better. It gives them the first impression of the candidate. Make sure that you talk about your education, family, upbringing, employment, etc, in a crisp manner. You  may take a minute for introducing yourself but it should be reduced to a maximum of 2 minutes.

The interviewer is not asking for your autobiography so try to keep the information regarding your background crisp and to the point.  Do not just rattle off random information about yourself but keep focused on the main highlights of your resume.

1.Start with your educational qualification (training and the degrees)

you   have obtained.  Focus more on the qualifications that pertain to

the job that you are interviewing for.

2.Speak about your work experience and each of your jobs briefly.  Focus on what you skills you have learnt from them and how they will be of benefit to the role that you are interviewing for.   Speak about your main responsibilities and achievements at each of the positions.  Also try to show how you have grown professionally in each of the jobs.

3.Highlight your important strengths and achievements as you are discussing your background.

4.If there is something unusual in your in your background, highlight it here.  This could include hobbies, musical instruments you play, languages that you learnt etc.


b)    Why do you want to join Himachal Pradesh Civil Services?

This question is asked to check the seriousness and inclination of the candidates. interviewers get a good idea about the frame of mind of the candidate by studying his response. It is important to keep the response to 2-3 points. Giving only one cause may become counter-productive if it is not supported by strong reasoning. Multiple points can help but keep it within limits so that you can explain them well.

c)     What are your hobbies?

This is very crucial part because it gives them an opportunity to understand your personality in concrete terms. By telling your hobbies you are actually telling them the common things you do in your life. you should not tell lies in this part. It may be that you don’t have any serious hobby. In this case, you should mention at least one hobby which you have good interest in. You can cover it up by doing a thorough research on it before the interview.

d)    Other Simple Interview Question List

  I.            In Depth knowledge about the State, District ,City and village you come from

Questions will be asked about the state, district, city, and  village you come from. So collect some knowledge about your state, city and district.

   II.            Be in Touch With Current Affairs and other Latest Developments

You will be asked a lot of questions about current affairs and state of the country. Thus keep updating yourself with the things going around the world. You must know what is happening in the state,country and around the world.

  III.            Do Not Forget what your wrote in your Mains Exam

You will only come for the interview after successfully clearing the written mains exam. So while you give interview you will be asked what you did in your mains. So remember and revise what you did there.

IV.            Be thorough with your mains form. Generate many questions from it and think unique answers to them. Ask your friends to have a look at your mains form & ask you whatever comes to their mind. Give logical, rational & realistic answer. Ask their views. Get feedback about your expression, body language etc.

V.            Questions may be asked from Your BA/MA/MSC etc subjects.

VI.            Questions may be asked from Your current job.

VII.            Questions relating to your name, your college or school studies are also a big possibility.

VIII.            Relating to your name. Any famous personality who has a similar or same name or surname.

IX.            Also learn up about important events on the year or date of your birth.

 X.            How you are going to use your specific knowledge(like if you are a doctor, lawyer, engineer etc) in the services.

 XI.            Situational questions. Like If you were the collector/SP of Panipat, what would you do after the Bomb Blast in train, samjhauta express?


 XII.            Choice of services. The order of your choice of services can raise questions too.

 XIII.            From your form. You must go through the form you have filled because most questions will arise from there. If you have changed subjects, mentioned anything out of the way, watch out for questions on them. Interviewers take cue from the form you have filled.

Some other Interview Tips:

a)    Try to appear your best at the Interview.  Your appearance should convey that you have taken the interview seriously.   Do not try to turn up in the interview in a manner that does not suit you.   Some basics in grooming will help.

  1. Well Groomed Hair
  2. Well Pressed Shirt
  3. Polished Shoes

b)    Answer clearly and directly.  Spell out your ideas as clearly as you can.  Also try to substantiate your ideas with examples.  Don’t be overly wordy and try to keep your answers to the point.  Do not try to deviate too much from the question.

c)     Do not be argumentative.  Present your viewpoint and be professional.  If you do not agree with something the Interviewer has said do not spurn it as invalid.  Learn to understand their point of view even if it clashed with your own.  This does not mean that you need to accept their point of view.

d)    Address the Interviewer politely.  It is always polite to refer to the Interviewer as SIR or Maam.  You can also address them their Surname (Mr. XXX or Mrs. XXX).  Do not use terms such as Honey, Girl, Dude, Yaar etc.

e)     Be Confident.  Be confident, you have prepared well and this should show in your confidence level in the interview.

Himachal Pradesh  Civil Services  Personality Test /Mock interview

a)     What  are the main problems with indian economy these days?

b)    Do  you think india has capability of being best global economy some day?

c)     You  have pub ad as optional, what are the component of a state?

d)    Do  you think population of India, largest young population is an asset or liability?

e)     What  is the best way of achieving women empowerment.

f)      Do  you think nrega has empowered women?

g)     How  can your technical education will be of any use in civil services?(FOR Engineering background students)

h)    Why Afghanistan important in India’s foreign policy?

i)       Do you think that today’s media is working very well.

j)       What is the subtle difference among terrorism, militancy, fundamentalism, insurgency?

k)     What in your opinion are the three big problems of India? How can they be tackled?

l)       What is corruption?

m)  Suppose you are the SDM of a district. Two politicians, an MLA and a MP, are tossing you around for political gains. What will you do?

n)    How is President elected in india?

o)    What is domain name?

p)    Why do lawyers wear Black Coat?(for law students)

q)    Don’t you think you can serve your country better by remaining a doctor and treating poor patients? Why do you want to be a civil servant?” (for medical background student.

r)      “What are the problems faced by wheat cultivators in your state?” an M.Sc. (Agriculture) student from Panipat was once asked.

The above questions can give you an idea of how relevant questions are asked from your subjects even as they are not directly from the syllabus.

Most of candidates are not prepared for interview in advance .they are either not sure of getting through or do not know exactly how to prepare for the interview.

Mail us your complete profile like your hobbies,  your city name,date of birth, your state, college name,school name,12th subjects,graduation  etc. We will provide you FREE 200 question-answer HPPSC Interview 2017,  on them specially prepared and designed only for you. our mail id (

“Through our the interview Question Answers  you should do a thorough self evaluation and identify any areas that need improvement.  Every interview Question is an opportunity to hone your interview skills.”

We have an edge over others in Distance Learning Programs through our unique teaching and learning techniques.”


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Interview Booklet for All HPPSC Exam 2017 free download
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